Masonry Services

It is the time to upraise your space with the timeless craftsmanship of 790 Wolseley Masonry Services. Our skilled artisans meticulously craft each brick, creating a symphony of strength and sophistication. Whether you desire rustic charm or modern finesse, our tailored masonry services ensure every detail displays enduring high-end quality. From restoring historical grandeur to adding contemporary touches, our skilled workforce with state-of-the-art equipment making flawless finishes that redefines your interiors and exteriors.

With a strong dedication to client satisfaction and maintain high end quality, 790 Wolseley Masonry provides a complete range of services from stone selection through to installation, completion and providing after-care assistance. We have made investment in both staff and machinery to meet the deadline of workload demand and assist to decrease lead-in-times. Moreover, we have proven ourselves in both working ecosystem either it is private clients or commercial projects.

790 Wolseley have executed exemplary work of the highest caliber.Top of Form In the pursuit of excellence, our mastery in stonemasonry, coupled with cutting-edge design and manufacturing solutions, is dedicated to creating iconic structures that will stand as the legacy buildings of tomorrow. Connect with us today to explore our unrivaled services and schedule an appointment for an in-depth understanding of our offerings.

Looking for masonry service in Central London?

790 Wolseley Management offers a full range of domestic masonry services, including:

  • New Buildings (Commercial & Residential)
  • Renovations (Commercial & Residential)
  • Restoration & Conservations (internal and external)
  • Stone Consultancy (Lime work, cutting, repairs)
  • Extension & Alteration to the Old Buildings
  • Handyman For Short Term Needs
  • Ground Maintenance

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Types Of Services We Offer

New Buildings

Transform your new buildings into timeless masterpieces, whether residential or commercial, with our affordable and premium masonry services.


Revitalize your spaces, be it at home or in your business, with our unparalleled renovation expertise. Making every space a masterpiece of transformation.

Restoration & Conservations

Rediscover the grandeur of your spaces with our Restoration & Conservation mastery, both inside and out. Blending timeless elegance with meticulous preservation.

Stone Consultancy

Craft your space with our timeless elegance of stone. Our consultancy excels in lime work, cutting, and repairs.

Extension & Alteration

Breathe new life into aging structures with our Extension & Alterations expertise. Transform the old into the extraordinary, seamlessly blending history with contemporary allure.


Empower your space with our Handyman expertise, we are delivering swifts solutions for shortterm needs. Your space deserves the touch of a skilled Handyman.

Ground Maintenance

Nurture the beauty beneath your feet with our Ground Maintenance Services. Elevate your surroundings, ensuring every inch reflects a harmonious blend of nature and meticulous care.

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